9. How Addiction in the Family Affects You in Life & Love w Guest Coach, Greg Johnson – Spiritual Healer for the High Achiever

What exactly is an addiction and its impact on you in later Life and Love as an adult? Learn about the ACOA Personality type – Adult Child of an Alcoholic or other Traumas; and how certain coping and behavior patterns from your past can either lead you into addiction yourself or sabotage you in love. Guest Coach Greg Johnson, CEO & Founder of www.LoveSoulutions.org talks about his Healing Heart Transformation Technique for deep spiritual healing for addicts and alcoholics who are high achieving athletes, artists, and professionals who are tired of destroying their lives with substances and toxic behaviors. At the end, he offers a free guided meditation and Strategy session with him to discuss your concerns ($497 value). You will learn the key components to addiction recovery! 

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7. Dating Dos & Dont’s for Women – Tips to Find Your Emotionally Healthy Partner.

Dating Do’s and Don’ts for Women – tips to attract an Emotionally Healthy, Evolved and Conscious Partner are examined in Show 7 of Lessons in Life & Love with Coach Riana Milne. Topics covered are: 13 Guidelines for Women to Understand Men, Chemistry – is it Good or Bad – and Why; Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual importance; Some of the Don’ts – Stop Settling, Chasing or Trying to Hard; and some Questions to Ask to know if He’s “The One.” Need help? Reach out to me at RianaMilne.com @RianaMilne

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8: The Law of Attraction for Love – Spiritual Concepts to Help Attract your Emotionally Healthy, Evolved & Conscious Partner

This Episode of Lessons in Life & Love starts with an overview of the Law of Attraction for your Life and Love Relationship. The documentary movie, “The Secret” by Robyn Bryne is summarized. I then go into the 5 Truths of Conscious Dating and review my chapter “The Law of Attraction for Love” from my #1 Best Selling book; LOVE Beyond Your DreamsBreak Free of Toxic Relationships to Have the Love You Deserve. Then I conclude with “7 Tips to Know if He Loves You;” and the Weekly Lesson from the Daily Affirmations book for Adult Children of Alcoholics (and other trauma) by Rokelle Lerner.

Other resources in this Lesson come from the book, “Calling in the One – 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life” by Katherine Woodard Thomas.



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