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Learn what may be blocking you from Having Heart-Centered, Emotionally Healthy Love. Join Global Cert. Life & Love Coach Riana Milne with Host Danielle Hankins for this educational interview. You don’t want to be cheated on again. You don’t want to be vulnerable and broken again. You don’t want to feel worthless again. You tell yourself again and again that he didn’t mean his arrogance or his abusive behavior.

But in the corner of your mind, you know that you are broken into millions of tiny pieces. You are severely damaged by his toxic and manipulative ways. But why can’t you leave? Is it because you really think you are worthless? Or is it because you have some childhood traumas that you need to heal from? Love and relationship Coach Riana Milne talks about the 10 reasons why people with traumatic childhood experiences can end up in an abusive relationship as an adult and why they don’t have the courage to let go.

You can’t change what you don’t understand. Dig deeper into your past issues and discover that your past does not and cannot define your present relationships. You can heal and have an amazing Love Relationship!

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