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Nine out of ten Adults Struggle in Life & Love due to past Adverse Childhood Events, various forms of Emotional or Physical Abuse or Dating and Relationship Trauma. By understanding how to Overcome Emotional Triggers such as Anxiety, Depression, Jealousy, Codependency, or Fast-trigger Anger; caused by various past Trauma, you can Transform your Life to Attract & Keep Emotionally Healthy, Evolved and Conscious Love. My mission is to inspire both Singles & Couples to Have the Life You Desire & The Love You Deserve!

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Are You Successful in Business but Struggle in Life or Love? Tired of Toxic, Abusive Relationships but still Love Your Partner? Ready to Learn to Attract Emotionally Healthy, Conscious Love?

I Help Women, Men, Younger/Older, Straight & LBGT Singles & Couples Heal and move on from past Childhood, Dating or Relationship Trauma to Have the Life They Desire & The Love They Deserve.

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