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Hi, I’m Riana. My mission is to help women and men of all ages who have had past Childhood, Dating or Relationship Trauma create the Life they Desire and Have the Love they Deserve.

Research shows 90% of adults struggle in Life and Love due to past adverse childhood events (there are at least 10 of them) – and they are very common. Although many of us feel our childhood was “mostly normal” the combination of events that did occur in your life have lasting impact on the brain and body – leading to emotional triggers, and totally affect your levels of success in both life and love.

Most of my Coaching Clients are very successful in business but are totally frustrated in Love; or attract toxic partners into their life – and can’t figure out why. Studies confirm that Childhood Trauma does go through the generations; and people of trauma – attract people of trauma – through “chemistry” – the number one way we were taught to select our partners.

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There is now a much better way to select a mate, as a result from the research on human behavior, psychology, spirituality, childhood trauma, brain/body studies and other medical and holistic science that leads to a more successful way to have an emotionally healthy, evolved and conscious relationship. I have simplified all this research for you and present it in this podcast.

My research was a result of my own relationship cycles of pain. I kept attracting fun, handsome, outgoing, and charming men – and most people would say, “What’s wrong with that?!” But these men ended up being extremely toxic, narcissistic and some – sociopathic. The sociopath uses you for their own gain – whether financially, emotionally, or to improve their status in life. About 6 in 25 people are sociopathic, according to the latest studies.

When my Ex-husband got banned from his job when his whole toxic, secret life was exposed, I was devastated. None of this secret life was a part of our loving relationship – it left me thinking “Who are You?” and “Why did you destroy and sabotage everything you – and we – had?” He lost everything due to his anxiety and compulsions – his job, income, our marriage and family, his reputation, salary; and so much more. I needed to know the answers of what he had, and why he did, what he did. Also, why did I attract men like this?

My research not ony helped me to heal and transform, but also led to forgiveness; which allowed me to move on to a quality Love relationship; as well as help my Coaching Clients transform their lives – completely.

When I discovered the deep issues of past Childhood Trauma; the research showed most of us – 90p% – are impacted by this! Some common signs of Childhood Trauma in the adult include: ongoing Anxiety, bouts of Depression, fast-trigger Anger, People Pleasing, Sexual obsession and other Addictions, Moodiness, Jealousy, Blame and the inability to apologize, Control over Partner (and – everything), “Blurting out statements” (inappropriate written or spoken words); Perfectionism – needing to be right, being Charming and Manipulative, needing massive attention, and much more. When these people are good, they’re Great – but when they are bad, they are “Horrid.” I call this – Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde behavior, and it leaves their partner walking on eggshells.

Everyone with Childhood Trauma is a different puzzle and has different levels of trauma. For example, I was bullied in middle and high school (Trauma #7); my dad was often away from our home due to his secret work as a CIA and FBI agent (no-fault abandonment – Trauma #5); and I uncovered the fact he had a mistress and porn addiction at age 10 (Trauma #1 – addiction in the parent).  I had finally realized – I attracted a mate just like my father! – and didn’t even realize it until my husband was caught in his secret life by the school Superintendent.

Trauma happens “to Us” and it is nothing to feel ashamed of – it is just a fact. The good news? Childhood Trauma, and its effects, can be overcome with the type of intensive coaching that I do. And you will hear tons of ways to help your situation on the podcast. I even have some people volunteer to be coached live on the show (If you desire this, please contact me); and you hear from some Graduates of mine who have been completely Transformed from thier past Trauma with my Coaching programs for Singles & Couples (learn more at

This podcast is here to help you on a weekly basis – whether you have has past Childhood or ove Trauma or are with a partner with this condition. Whether your Single or in a Coupled relationship, Straight or LGBT; young or old – the condition plays no favorites!

Together, we will explore the Unconscious influences that past Childhood, Dating and Relationship Traumas have on our lives today. I will help Couples overcome a Toxic and Abusive Marriage or Exclusive Relationship Drama to transform their relationships from Toxic to Terrific! I teach Singles the EXACT Skills needed to attract Emotionally Healthy, Evolved and Conscious Partners so they can have a life-long, loving, safe and yet passionate relationship.

My Coaching approach and this Lessons in Life & Love podcast is very specialized as my clients heal from their past fears, anxiety, bouts of depression and negative mindset while empowering and transforming their present lives using Holistic approaches for mind, body, and spirit. Your mindset will turn from negative, anxious, and fear-based thoughts to an enlightened, confident, positive, peaceful, trusting and yet powerful conscious state of being; leading you to Create the Life You Desire while Attracting the Love You Deserve.

I have invested over 40 years of education to be able to help people to this intensive capacity, earning a triple Master’s Degree in Applied Clinical & Counseling Psychology, Also, I’m a Certified Global Life, Dating & Relationship Coach for Singles and Couples, a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Certified Mindfulness Coach, a #1 Best Selling Author (written 7 books), and a Licensed Mental Health and Addictions Counselor for over 20 years. I’ve worked with students of Trauma in the schools in grades K – through college.

I focus on increasing a Client’s personal growth, confidence and self-esteem while creating a new positive mindset for success in all areas of Life – including Love. Known as “The Life & Love Transformation Expert,” I specialize in helping women and men of all ages get through the impact of past Life or Love Trauma and difficult transitions; leading them to overall Life Transformation and Successful Love relationships.

I also help students who are struggling with Life Transition from high school to college, or from college to the workforce. My Coaching programs include working with VIP, 1-on-1 Clients globally, as well as Coaching Singles Groups on my Virtual platform – 

My Coaching programs include a 150-page workbook and my two books, LOVE Beyond Your Dreams – Break Free of Toxic Relationships to Have the Love You Deserve; and LIVE Beyond Your Dreams – from Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose and Success; help you improve your relationship with yourself, and others. You can get free chapter downloads on this site’s homepage!

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Thanks again for listening and helping me To Change the Way the World Loves!

In Light & Love


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3) Why what you have been doing in the past (in either life or love) isn’t working and be clear on your next best action to take.

4) If past childhood or love trauma are unconsciously making you –

  • anxious and depressed
  • mistrusting and negative
  • controlling and perfectionistic

and causing fear-based thoughts & actions that could be sabotaging you in life or love.

Your intesntsive Life & Love Transformation Assessment session will review your current situation and determine what you need most to get to accomplish your goals and dreams.

You Can Heal from This!

Riana’s Coaching approach is very specialized as clients heal from their past fears, anxiety, bouts of depression and negative mindset while empowering and transforming their present lives using Holistic approaches to mind, body, and spirit.

Your mindset will turn from negative, fear-based thoughts to an enlightened,

  • confident
  • positive
  • peaceful

and yet powerful conscious state of being; leading you to create the Life You Desire while Attracting the Love You Deserve.

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