6: Qualities of an Emotionally Healthy Relationship; 16 Traits of Healthy, Evolved & Conscious Love

What are the qualities of an Equal & Evolved Relationship? Are you or your Partner offering Emotionally Respectful Love? Learn the 16 traits of Healthy Love and more on Episode 6 of Lessons in Life & Love. Coach Riana Milne examines deeply the many traits of he the Equality & Evolved Love Wheel and the qualities of the Healthy Relationship & Respect Wheel. How many positive traits do you have that you’re bringing to your Love relationship?

5: A Great Relationship Begins with You; How to be an Evolved & Loving Partner.

A Great Love Relationship begins with You; so what does it mean to be Evolved and a Successful Single? What Defines who You are? What creates Happiness? Learn all this and more in Episode 5 of Lessons in Life & Love. I go over the Core Values & Equality Wheels for Conscious & Evolved Couples. Why are so many people successful in Business but Struggle in Love? We continue this discussion from last week but then finish with the Healthy Relationship & Respect wheel.

4. Talking about Love with Jordan Kimbal from the 2018 Bachelorette Show. What Exactly is Emotionally Healthy, Conscious & Evolved Love?

Episode 4 in Lessons in Life & Love Riana defines what Emotionally Healthy & Conscious Love is – with guest Jordan Kimbal of The 2018 Bachelorette Show. Who is the real Jordan? What do Millennial Men want in Love Partners? Does Jordon find love in Bachelor in Paradise?

What does it mean to be Evolved, Conscious & Mindful when it comes to Love? Emotionally Healthy, Successful Relationships all begin with You!

3: Are You in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship? Stop the Power & Control to Get the Love You Deserve!

What exactly is Emotional Abuse & Relationship Trauma – and does it affect you? In show 3 of Lessons in Life and Love, I go over the Emotional Abuse Checklist and give you clear examples of toxic abuse; and touch on other abuses such as verbal, physical, parental, intimation, and more. You may even be doing it yourself!

I then describe in detail all the sections of the Power & Control wheel and clearly explain what Obsessive Love is – which is full of codependency and Love Addiction. How did your romantic love get this way? You will come to understand why.

Know the signs of PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression – which are all a direct result of Toxic Love. Learn how Adult Emotional Abuse impacts children – both at home and in school.

2: What is Dating & Relationship Trauma – and the Signs of Trauma in your Relationship and Children?

Signs of Trauma in relationships are explored in depth in this show; starting with the problems of Chemistry and how sabotaging Behaviors relate to past childhood trauma.

I review the 10 traumas that many people experienced during the childhood and teen years, and a bit about my story – and what led me to the research on this topic.

Many Successful Businesspeople come from traumatic pasts – we go into why and what are the positive and negative traits of many successful people and use celebrity documented case studies. The rules in business don’t match those in Love; one of the key reasons successful people have toxic relationships.

Lastly, I go into how Childhood Trauma goes through the generations, that forgiveness is key to healing, and how many school children are mislabeled at school due to the toxic homelife that they endure. I offer some strategies for students, as I worked as a SAC – Student Assistance Counselor for all grades, K – college, and saw many signs of trauma in struggling students. Then I offer some insight into how to Heal and Grow beyond the impact of Childhood Trauma.

Show 0: Introduction to Lessons in Life & Love

Lessons in Life & Love shows you How to Create the Life You Desire and to Have the Emotionally Healthy, Evolved & Conscious Relationship you Deserve. My mission is to help build your knowledge, confidence, and success in both Life and Love.

Research shows 90% of Adults struggle in life & love due to past Family or Relationship Trauma. Conscious self-awareness and a positive mindset can help you overcome past pain, negativity, fears, lack of Trust, Codependency, Emotional Triggers and Anxiety – and more.

I’m Coach Riana Milne, known as “The Life & Love Transformation Expert.” I’m a Certified, global Life, Dating & Relationship Coach, Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Certified Clinical Trauma & Addictions Professional.

I’m also Best Selling Author and taught Personal Transformation topics for over 38 years.

This podcast is ideal for women who are Successful in Business but Struggle in Love; yet much of the content applies to men too.

I also do a Live Radio version of Lessons in Life & Love on Bold Brave Media.com every Monday, from 6:00-7:00 PM EST – and you can join me for the live show by visiting the link: http://boldbravemedia.com/ During my live show, you may call in at 866-451-1451 to ask me your question LIVE on the radio show. Or, simply email me at LessonsinLifeandLoveShow@gmail.com to give me your questions and I will answer it on the following show for you.

Each week, the podcast version of my show will be posted on Friday morning, so you have the weekend to listen to another Lesson in Life and Love. These shows will be anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour, and I may do a brief lesson from time to time.

I hope you listen each week and give me your comments and feedback. I also truly appreciate you rating the show on the listening platform of your choice.

This show is for YOU. So please, ask me your questions, and please engage; and share this show with others, who you know are suffering in either Life or Love – I need your help in my mission to Help the Way the World Loves in a more Emotionally Healthy, Evolved & Conscious way!

So…. Love Angels & Transformers – Are you ready to Create the Life You Desire & Have the Love You Deserve?

Then Welcome to the podcast of – Lessons in Life & Love!

1: Why 90% of Adults Struggle in Life & Love

The first show of Lessons in Life & Love goes into the reason so many Adults are impacted by past Childhood, Family and Relationship Trauma. The 10 most common Traumas are identified, and how they show up in both Life and Love relationships; like why so many Successful people struggle in Love; and the Negative and Positive traits of Successful people with Childhood Trauma.

I discuss the problems with falling in Love by Chemistry alone, what is the Toxic Cycle of Abuse and Pain, and how to transform from pain to joy.

Lastly, I explain that Childhood Trauma does go through the generations, and how important it is to get help for your children and teens showing signs of trauma (anxiety, depression, eating disorders, engaging in risky sex and other behaviors).

I offer some suggestions for Healthy Transformation.