2: What is Dating & Relationship Trauma – and the Signs of Trauma in your Relationship and Children?

Signs of Trauma in relationships are explored in depth in this show; starting with the problems of Chemistry and how sabotaging Behaviors relate to past childhood trauma.

I review the 10 traumas that many people experienced during the childhood and teen years, and a bit about my story – and what led me to the research on this topic.

Many Successful Businesspeople come from traumatic pasts – we go into why and what are the positive and negative traits of many successful people and use celebrity documented case studies. The rules in business don’t match those in Love; one of the key reasons successful people have toxic relationships.

Lastly, I go into how Childhood Trauma goes through the generations, that forgiveness is key to healing, and how many school children are mislabeled at school due to the toxic homelife that they endure. I offer some strategies for students, as I worked as a SAC – Student Assistance Counselor for all grades, K – college, and saw many signs of trauma in struggling students. Then I offer some insight into how to Heal and Grow beyond the impact of Childhood Trauma.