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42. Get Beyond Past Trauma

42. Get Beyond Past Trauma! Did you know that Life Coaching improves BOTH your Love Life and Your Career? It’s True! When your Self Love improves, it raises your Confidence and Self-Esteem, inspiring you to enjoy your work even more! When you learn the Mindset for Success it changes EVERYTHING!  In Show 42 of Lessons […]

41. Proof Coaching Works!

41. Do you Wonder How Life & Love Coaching REALLY works? Coaching Graduate Scott Travis (and my client on the Radical Dating Docu-series) talks about his Success and Personal Transformation in BOTH Life & Love after his Coaching with me; on Show 41 of Lessons in Life & Love Podcast & Video program  https://youtu.be/RfQcU_8J9Is You’ll […]

40. Getting Over Your Ex

40. Getting Over Your Ex – Live Laser Coaching for Karen (age 46) Having Problems Getting Over Your Ex? Listen in on Live Laser Coaching for Karen (age 46) from Australia. In Show 40 of Lessons in Life & Love podcast, I help Karen understand how her past Childhood Trauma is impacting her Adult Love […]

39. Seniors Looking for Love

39. Seniors Looking for Love. Are you a Baby Boomer or older and Frustrated with Dating and Trying to Find an Emotionally Healthy, Evolved Partner? Having trouble with other relationships? Listen to me helping Carol with Live, Laser Life & Love Coaching on Show 39 (and the start of Season #2) of Lessons in Life […]

38. Positivity & Spirituality

38. Positivity & Spirituality; The “Watch Me! Mindset” for Success; The Teaching of Ernest Holmes & The Science of Mind Philosophy In this Season One Closing show, and the last LIVE Radio show on BBM Global Network, I start by sharing a personal writing called “The 4 Pillars of Success – Developing the Mindset of […]

37. Should You Stay or Go?

37. Should You Stay or Go from Your Love Relationship? How to Make that Decision when You Feel Stuck. A Summary of the Five Love Languages.  Stop the Cycle of Toxic Relationship Dysfunction! Are you Stuck with your Decision of whether to Stay and work on the relationship or do you feel you’ve done all […]

36. Single & Lonely?

36. Single & Lonely? Tips for Singles to Find Love and Fight Loneliness In Show 36 of Lessons in Life & Love, I cover the latest research that shows Loneliness as the new Epidemic for 40% of people, especially those 17 to 24, and the baby boomer population. Learn about the 7 types of Loneliness, […]

35. Tony Robbin’s Teachings

35. A Tribute to Tony Robbin’s Teachings – Highlights from his book, Awaken the Giant Within. This continues “The Lessons from the Masters” series, with one of my favorite, long-time mentors, Tony Robbins; who I have read and followed his advice since my young twenties. We Cover: Mastery of the 5 areas of Life that […]

34. Think & Grow Rich – Book Highlights

34. Creating Your Dream Business – Pt. 3; Highlights from the book, Think & Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill On Part 2 of the Business series of Lessons in Life & Love, I cover the brilliant work of Napoleon Hill, author of Think & Grow Rich; a Business & Life classic. To succeed in business, […]

33. Creating Your Dream Business: Pt 2

33. Creating Your Dream Business – Part 2 Choosing Your Niche, Online Marketing, Social Media. Creating Offers & Programs, Speaking Professionally and Growing Your Business are all covered in Show 33 of Lessons in Life & Love. Learn from my own and my client’s experiences of creating great businesses of your Dreams just by “Thinking […]