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2: What is Dating & Relationship Trauma?

2: What is Dating & Relationship Trauma – and the Signs of Trauma in your Relationship and Children? Signs of Trauma in relationships are explored in depth in this show; starting with the problems of Chemistry and how sabotaging Behaviors relate to past childhood trauma. I review the 10 traumas that many people experienced during the childhood […]

1: Why 90% Struggle in Life & Love

1: Why 90% of Adults Struggle in Life & Love The first show of Lessons in Life & Love goes into the reason so many Adults are impacted by past Childhood, Family and Relationship Trauma. The 10 most common Traumas are identified, and how they show up in both Life and Love relationships; like why so […]

0. Introduction to Lessons in Life & Love

Show 0: Introduction to Lessons in Life & Love Lessons in Life & Love shows you How to Create the Life You Desire and to Have the Emotionally Healthy, Evolved & Conscious Relationship you Deserve. My mission is to help build your knowledge, confidence, and success in both Life and Love. Research shows 90% of […]

10 Reasons Why You can’t get out of Toxic Relationships | Interview w/Coach Riana Milne; see more videos on YouTube

See over 150 more videos on YouTube. Learn what may be blocking you from Having Heart-Centered, Emotionally Healthy Love. Join Global Cert. Life & Love Coach Riana Milne with Host Danielle Hankins for this educational interview. You don’t want to be cheated on again. You don’t want to be vulnerable and broken again. You don’t […]

What is Love Trauma?

When you are falling in Love, it is the most magical of moments, and one of life’s happiest pleasures. However, when Love turns toxic, it is one of the most painful, and often, traumatic experiences causing long-term emotional wounds. Right before, during or after a painful breakup, those experiencing toxic love have physical symptoms which […]