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32. Creating Your Dream Business

32. Creating Your Dream Business – with special guest John Lee Dumas, Founder & Host of EOFire.com podcast A motivational class about Interviewing tips to land your Dream Job; and Visualizing and Achieving your Goals. The 7 D’s for Success, and the Interview with John Lee Dumas on the Mindset for Sucess – what made […]

31. Resiliency & Developmental Assets

31. Resiliency, The 40 Developmental Assets, and Identity for Teens; Part 3 – in the Positive Parenting Series for Raising Successful Kids In show 31 of Lessons in Life & Love, I cover very important Life Skills information to help raise Successful and Happy Teens; teaching the 40 Developmental Assets (from The Search Institute). I […]

30. Positive Parenting: Discipline

30. Positive Parenting Part 2: How to Discipline, Using the Motivational Behavioral Charts; Raising Confident Kids In Part 2 of the series on Positive Parenting on the Lessons in Life & Love podcast, I cover how to use the Star/Allowance Star to motivate positive behavior and cut down on negative behaviors. I cover the ages […]

Positive Parenting Techniques

29. Positive Parenting Techniques – Part 1 On Show 29 in Lessons in Life & Love, I begin by summarizing the Secrets to Making a Marriage Last from the previous series on The Science of Love. Then I begin Part 1 of Positive Parenting – Tips to Raise Happy, Confident & Successful Kids. My background […]

28. Marrying Again

28. Marrying Again; Tips for Great Sex through Time Continuing in the Science of Love Magazine; I highlight the articles I think are most useful for our listeners – Marrying Again and 12 Tips for Great Sex Through Time is covered in this Episode. Next Week I will finish this series with Secrets of the […]

27. Health & Marriage; Surviving Long Relationships

27. Health & Marriage, Surviving Long Relationships, Marriage w/Children, and Handling Issues In Show 27 of Lessons in Life & Love, I continue to summarize the articles from “The Science of Life” Magazine by Centennial Special Press, NYC.  Surprising facts about how Marriage helps you to live longer, How Romance & Passions can Survive in our […]

26. “Science of Love” Summaries

26. Summaries from articles in “The Science of Love” Magazine; including Tips for Marriage, Finding the One, The History of Marriage, Today’s Stats on Love I deliver a summary from the articles in “The Science of Love” Magazine by Centennial Publishing; including Tips for Marriage, Finding the One, The History of Marriage, Stats on Love […]

25. Loving Unconditionally, Forgiveness

25. Learning to Love Unconditionally; The Importance of Forgiveness. How to Move On; Dealing with Lost Dreams In Show 25 of Lessons in Life & Love, I go deep into the importance of Loving Unconditionally and How Forgiveness is Essential to your Healing and a Happy Future. When to Move On and How to deal […]

24. The Art of the Kiss; What the Kiss Reveals

24. The Art of the Kiss: What the Kiss Reveals about Your Relationship, How to Tell if Someone Wants to Kiss You, Kissing Turn On’s & Off’s, Body Language of Attraction with guest Katia Loisel In Episode 24 of Lessons in Life & Love, my guest Katia Loisel of LoveDestination.com a global digital video-on-demand network […]

23. Flirting Skills, 3 Stages of Love

23. Flirting Skills, 3 Stages of Love, Attracting Your Ideal Partner In Episode 23 of Lessons in Life & Love, I touch on several great skills for Flirting do’s and don’ts. Learn about the 3 Stages of Love – Lust, Attraction & Attachment – why all the old fashioned rules? Then we cover how to […]